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Cat tree Lucky Bastards Panorama 188

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Art. 431239
Cat tree Lucky Bastards
Panorama 188 Soft Cream

The ultimate surprise for every cat. Whether you have a Maine Coon, a Norwegian Forest cat or a Calico cat, they will all be eager to climb this giant. The Panorama 188 has so much to offer. With its 6mm thick, natural, sisal and its gigantic posts of 15cm, the PANORAMA is a paradise for every scratcher. A luxurious sofa with cushion at the top ensures that your darling can sit on the lookout. The PANORAMA 188 has a total new integrated piece of masterwork, a plush playtunnel, which will create a true spectacle when the cat wants to run from the bottom to the top. With 3 hammocks (up to 30kg), for the afternoon nap, and a 5cm thick playing rope, of 170cm length, your cat will lose all its energy in this model. The PANORAMA 188 is absolute suitable for all breeds and several cats.

Measurements: 81x60cm/ Height 188cm

Product details:
Plush quality 600g/ m
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
Post diameter: 15 cm
sturdy natural sisal colored in black, extra glued
Measurements bottom plate: 81x60cm/ Height 4cm
Measurements lounge sofa: 81x60cm/ Height 15cm EXTREMELY BIG
Removeable cushions, washable at 30 degrees
Color: Soft-Cream
Weight: 60 KG


Leopold & Isi

Lucky bastards indeed

We love it! It is in our opinion one of the best cat trees on the market. This design is just perfect & seems really tought through, there is a bunch of space for them to play, climb, lay around, long poles to stretch & sharpen their claws, etc. Currently our two coons are just kittens, so they are actually looking a bit small in comparison to the tree itself. They will grow nicely into this for sure. We are positive about the quality, colour & size, and that it will last for a long period of time. They are using all platforms and even dared to go up and down the tunnel. They dont use the hammocks yet, but we believe this will come with time Anyhow, we love it, our coons love it. We're having a blast with this tree! We are not regretting this investment & would recommend PetRebels as a company. Otherwise, delivery went smooth to Germany (3 - 4 days.) There was a small problem with the screws, but PetRebels solved this quickly & friendly.
Nice design
Good amount of space
Good service
Fair price
No negativity here! ;)
GM van Putten

leuke krabpaal

Mijn katten zijn helemaal happy met de krabpaal. Ik heb 3 vrij zware katten (tussen de 6 en 8 kg) en er is meer dan genoeg speelruimte. De krabpaal staat steviger dan krabpalen van goedkopere merken maar is niet volledig massief stabiel doordat de bodemplaat rechthoekig is ipv vierkant. Voorals nog een prima krabpaal wanneer je katten hebt die wat zwaarder zijn. Er waren wat problemen met het in elkaar zetten van de krabpaal. Een aantal schroeven waren niet vast te draaien en leken te kort. Dit is goed opgepakt door Petrebels en na telefonisch contact is dit probleem opgelost. Katten blij en ik daardoor weer blij.
persoonlijke service
vriendelijk personeel
geschikte krabpaal voor zwaardere katten
staat niet volledig stabiel

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